• Mad Box Music

    Motivation And Determination Expressed Through Music!

    Mad Box Music Was Founded July 7,2004 by The Mad Scientist Einstein. Einstein Founded The Label To Help Artist Gain Global Exposure.
    Mad Box Music Is A Music Production, Promotion, And Artist Management Company Based In Greenville, South Carolina. We Work With Local And International Artists....

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    MBM News

    Mixtape America
    Pledge Allegiance To The Grind!

    America's #1 Online Source For Mixtape Reviews, Relevant Promotion Of Hip Hop Artists. Mixtape America Keeps The World Up To Date With The Best Mixtapes, And Music Videos. They Offer Independent Artist A Way To Get Global Exposure. So Turn Up And Pledge Allegiance To The Grind!

    Spotlight Modeling
    Set To Be The Best And Outshining The Rest!

    Spotlight Modeling Is On A Mission To Promote Your Talent And Gain You Major Exposure. Spotlight Modeling Talent Scouts Continue Their Push To Become A Single Source Industry Leader For Models Across The United States. Spotlight Modeling Is Currently Building An Impressive Portfolio. Feel Free To Submit Your Images, Contact Information, Stats, And Resume To Spotlight Modeling. Global Exposure At It's Best.

    Independent Spotlight
    Dedicate Yourself To Your Craft And Outshine The Best!

    The Independent Spotlight Is One Of The Most Influential Independent Internet Promotion Properties. We Promote Artist Talent And Help Them Gain Exposure Enabling Them To Be More Competitive In A Global Market.

    IGS Magazine
    The #1 Independent Magazine

    IGS Magazine Is The Only Independent Magazine Devoted To Using Strategies That Market Independent Artist. IGS Magazine Uses Promotion And Marketing Techniques To Help Artist Reach A Wider Audience. IGS Mag Will Continue To Help Independent Talent To Develop A Fanbase Within The Digital Realm And Help Create A Demand For Their Music.Digital Distribution Is The Future And We Are The Future!

    Einstein Central
    The Maddest Man On The Planet

    The Mad Scientist Has Been In The Laboratory And Has Launched His New Creation @ www.EinsteinCentral.com. From Being A CEO, Radio Personality, Businessman, To Financial Investor; Einstein Has Shown The World That People Evolve For The Better And With His Energetic Personality The Future looks Limitless For Him.

    Devastation Camp
    Thermodynamics In The Lyrical Form

    Devastation Camp Is A Result Of Great Minds Combining And Creating A Wave Within The Entertainment Industry. The Mind Of Hip Hop Has Created This Group Of Talented Individuals. Stay Tuned And Prepare For The Force Of Devastation.

  • About Mad Box Music

    Mad Box Music

    Motivation And Determination Through Music. Permanent Dedication And Inspiration Is The Mission. Our Job Is To Maintain A Platform That Helps You To The Next Level. Get Motivated!

    Our Team Consists Of Passionate And Ambitious Pioneers That Understand The Importance Of Making Business Minded Decisions That Have A Positive Outcome On Your Career. MBM Has Established Positive Relationships Within The Industry And Use Our Resources To Strategically Help Artist Generate More Exposure.

    Our Individual Performance Plan Evolves Around Sharing Helping Clients In Advertisement, Promotion, Artist Management, and Merchandise Monetization. We Don't Do It All But We Do Alot Of It.


    MBM Starting Line Up


    Globally Recognized As The Illest Villain In The Game! Pokerface "The Dealer" Was Born In The Streets Of The Ville. Greenville South Carolina Birthed A Dealer That Personifies The Streets Through Action And Song. Visit Pokerface


    The Most Feared Intellectual Entity In The Entertainment Industry Is Known As The Mad Scientist Eintein. From Entertainment To Entrepreneurial Efforts Einstein Can Easily Be Classified As A Genius. Visit Einstein

    Devastation Camp

    On A Mission To Galvanize The Entertainment Industry The Camp Primarily Known For Devastation Is Launching A New Movement That Will Shake Up The World. Visit DC

    Villain Nation

    The Villain Nation Is A Group That Overstands The Power Of Unity, Working Together To Accomplish A Mission, And Making A Great Contribution To Hip Hop With A Goal Of Global Domination. Check Out Villain Nation

    Beast Supreme

    Devotion To Improvement Is The Heart Of Beast Supreme. This Artist Is Dedicated To His Craft And Prepared To Captivate The World. 100% Grind Is The Motto Of True Champions And Beast Is Definitely A Champion! Beast Supreme

    Def Star

    The Imperial Intellectual Battle Station AKA The Cerebral Super Weapon Known As Def Star. This Emcee Has A Genuine Passion For Hip Hop And Social Commentary. MC Def Star

  • Mad Box Music


    Artist Here Are Trained To Have The Needed Intellectual Resources That Lead To Success Within The Industry.We Have Been Ranked As The Number 1 Entertainment Company In Greenville, South Carolina.

    We Are A Record Label, Production Company, Artist & Producer Management Company. We Also Promote Models And Help Them Gain Global Exposure. In Short We Are Motivation And Determination Through Music.

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    Mad Box Music Artists


    Loyalty Is Life


    Greatness In The Physical Form


    Cerebral Assassin In Action


    The Ace In The Deck Is All About Respect


    Train Hard For Success


    The Maddest Man In The Galaxy

    The Mathematician

    Beating The Game Up


    Peace Is Always The Answer


    Always Looking For Talented Artists


    Bringing A Web Of Devastation

  • Independent Spotlight Top Videos

    Ace Primo - The Whiskey

    Rain - Are You High Yet

    Al Poko Don - Song To God

    Sunny & Cre - Flaws And All Directed By Chieftexx Films


  • Contact Mad Box Music

    Mad Box Music

    PO Box 25333,
    Fayetteville, NC 28314
    Text Mad Box Music: +1 646 401 1112
    E-mail: info@madboxmusic.com

    Mixtape Coming Soon

  • Street Famous Media


    Street Famous Media Is A Diversified Media, Entertainment And Digital
    Marketing Services Company That Owns And Operates Market Leading, Digital
    And Live Event Properties Across The United States. Each Month, We Reach
    More Than Two Million Unique Consumers In Some Of The Country's
    Fastest-Growing And Most Desirable Places To Live.

    Our Companies Attract The Most Extraordinary Individuals, Who Are Looking To
    Boldly Disrupt And Relentlessly Innovate In A Fast-Paced And Rewarding Digital
    Media Environment. We Are Always Looking For Street Oriented,Humble And Dynamic
    Talent Looking To Join A Collaborative Environment That Provides A Wealth Of
    Opportunities For Career Development And Growth.

    Street Famous Media Is A Full-Service Internet Marketing Agency Based In Fayetteville,
    North Carolina. We Wpecialize In Integrating All Aspects Of Internet Marketing Including
    Strategy, Online Advertising, And Content Development. We Help Clients Achieve Greater
    Focus And Authenticity In All Online Communications, Build An Attractive Internet Presence,
    And Ultimately, To Establish Stronger Customer Relationships. We Are Dedicated To Reaching
    The Streets!

    Street Famous Media Designs Vibrant, Technologically Savvy Internet Campaigns That Incorporate
    Core Online Marketing Tools Such As: Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing,
    Social Media, Online Publicity And Online Advertising. We Manage These Services For You, Allowing
    You To Focus On The Success Of Your Business. If Your Business Is Not Circulated In The Streets
    Then Success Will Be Very Challenging.This Is The Primary Reason For Our Dedication To The Streets!

  • Services

    Artist Management

    -Event Coordination And Planning
    -Negotiation Of Entertainment Contracts
    -Artist Profile Development
    -Financial Consultancy And Management

    Tour Management

    -Venue Bookings For Local & International Tours.
    -Tour Planning And Logistics For Small Groups.
    -Tour Budgeting And Financial Co-ordination.

    Tour Promotion & Publicity

    -Development And Management Of Advertising And Promotional Campaigns.
    -Planning And Implementation Of PR & Publicity Campaigns.
    -Marketing To Local & Regional Media Contacts.

    Financial Consultancy

    -Overall Business Affairs & Business Advice For Anyone Working In The Entertainment Industry.
    -Company Formation And Tax Registration For Artists And Entertainment Businesses.
    -Preparation Of Annual Accounts For Companies Office & Revenue Submission.
    -Fundraising Services For Touring And Other Related Projects.

    We Offer So Much More So Feel Free To Contact Us At Anytime

  • The Story Of Mad Box Music

    Mad Box Music Is An Music Production, Promotion, And Artist Management Company Based
    In Fayetteville, North Carolina. We Work With Local And International Artists, We Have
    Developed A Reputation As An Artist-Friendly Company Whose Main Focus Is Always On
    Providing High Quality Music And Giving Artists A Platform To Develop, And To Assist
    Them In Reaching A Larger Audience.

    Our Approach To Every Artist We Work With Is To Offer An All Encompassing Service Which
    Covers Each Aspect Of The Entertainment Industry From Production,Publicity And Artist
    Management To Contract Negotiations And Finance.

    Our Central Aim With The Various Artists We Work With Is To Ensure That Their Music And
    Performance Receives A High Level Of Exposure To The Audience We Feel They Need To Reach.
    While We Do Run A Core Roster Of clients As A Management Company, Our Business Provides
    A Variety Of Services For Artists At A Competitive Hourly Rate.

Mad Box Music